A Home for a Memory, 2015, 3D printed peguin, Mobile phone, Scintillator, Script in process

This work was a site-specific installation made for an exhibition titled ‘Where we are now, Psychoanalytic research in the 21st century’, at the Freud Museum in London. The work was inspired by the conversation I had with a psychoanalyst professor at UCL about how children might experience trauma. I am interested in how people experience the reality and continually having to fill gaps to make sense of the world around us. I am interested in how we constantly try to understand our own and others’ feelings and behaviours and how they could be perceived with distorted ideas within individual and collective consciousness.

I created a mini-theater-like stage on Anna Freud’s desk in the museum. I visualised the process through which a girl might negotiate with her experience using imagination and fantasy as a tool for survival. The installation represents an act of trying to engage with a hidden psychological state which is yet to be found and given a name.