Autumn Salmon, 2015-2019, Video, 18.54 minutes

Since the summer of 2015, I worked on a field research-based projects with Ainu and Japanese people in Hokkaido, Japan. In 2016, I lived with Ainu woman called Ms.Katsue Kaizawa and studied the making of Ainu kimono, embroidery, and salmon-skin shoes. In this video, I focused on the idea of process and making-as-sensory-research. In Ainu culture, salmon used to serve key economic, religious, and spiritual roles. In this video, we see a text that I wrote about Ainu social phenomena centered on salmon. This research allowed me to explore a wider understanding of Ainu culture– fishing, cooking, politics, economics, ecology, craft, gossip, folklore, and differences between the current Ainu communities in other regions. It was a process, in part, of finding clues from the past that shed light on present issues.